Monday, February 10, 2014

Payung Teduh - Kucari Kamu

Kucari kamu dalam setiap malamDalam bayang masa suramKucari kamu dalam setiap langkahDalam ragu yang membisuKucari kamu dalam setiap ruangSeperti aku yang menunggu kabar dari angin malam
Aku cari kamu
Disetiap malam yang panjangAku cari kamuKutemui kau tiada
Aku cari kamuDi setiap bayang kau tersenyumAku cari kamuKutemui kau berubah
Kucari kamu dalam setiap jejakSeperti aku yang menunggu kabar dari matahari  
Lagi galau? Hahaha nggaak.. Lagi suka aja sama lagu ini.Everybody does love their songs, right? :D 


  1. di Singapur banyak banget residen WNI yg multitalenta perkara art. jangan disia-siain! watching you (no, I mean stalking) every year and seeing how beautiful your hand drawing is, it only takes a while before watching your name shining on anywhere.

    Good luck.
    Sorry for suddenly writing in your comment box. It's just.. you know, like usual, never stop dreaming for days in a row. May everything went well with you and your life.

  2. put "was" in front of.June 1, 2017 at 11:44 AM

    out of the blue, I just realized your comment 2 years ago was exactly when something real bad is going on. how come. lol